This High Performance E-Bike Looks and Feels Like a Vintage Chopper

Sure, e-bikes are practical. They make longer distance transportation a bit easier than normal bikes while using less fuel than a car. They're normally sleek and lightweight-looking to emphasize the light weight of the bike frames. Often times, an e-bike can look sporty and cute, but very few on the market can be labeled "tough."

[Image Source: Ruff Cycles]

Ruff Cycles looked to change that with their new bike -- the Ruffian. The German bike looks and feels like it should be outside of a tattoo parlor. It boasts a vintage style with all the modern amenities e-bike users would expect out of a high-quality machine.

[Image Source: Ruff Cycles]

Ruff promotes their high-end bikes by putting high-end materials to power them. The Ruffian boasts the "power of the strongest BOSCH drive on the market." It comes with a Bosch 500Wh battery in a sleek aluminum frame, giving off a similar vibe as classic motorcycle designs of a bygone era. The 250W Performance CX motor puts out 75Nm of torque. Per charge, the Ruffian can last up to 55 miles. Charge time comes in at 3.5 hours, relatively short when compared to others on the market.

[Image Source: Ruff Cycles]

The Ruffian is certainly not the sleek, athletic looking e-bikes of the early 2010s. The bikes weigh a solid 73 lbs (33 kg). They feature front and rear Shimano brakes. The 3 inch wide tires mean the Ruffian is perfect for long rides through the city. It comes with beautifully crafted leather spring saddle, fenders, and LED lighting at the front and rear of the bike.

Only two problems: price and advertising. First, the price comes in at $6,599. Obviously, if you have the cash, the Ruffian would be a perfect splurge investment as its lifetime seems pretty substantial.

Second, the tag for the Ruffian isn't exactly the best advertising move we've seen:

"A high-performance eBike for real men, who don‘t want to make any compromises when it comes to style and quality, with the added benefit of riding a zero-emissions vehicle!"

Successful e-bikes should cater to both genders. There are plenty of biker chicks who could rock this e-bike better than most men. It's all depends on interests. "Real men" might be the most tired phrase in advertising right now, but using that worn-out slogan alongside an eco-friendly mode of transportation doesn't bode well for how Ruff Cycles would advertise in the future. We get that you want to empower your riders and show them that you *can* be simultaneously eco-friendly and cool! But women can feel just as powerful on the bikes as men.

You can purchase the Ruffian via the Ruff Cycles website. Not impressed with the Ruffian and want to see what else Ruff Cycles has to offer? Check out the company's virtual customizer and make the unique bike you've always wanted.

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