You Can Customize This Build-On Brick Mug with LEGOs

Anyone who’s worked in an office likely understands the sanctity of the coffee mug. Tucked away in communal kitchenettes across the country, these mugs get us through the day by delivering our favorite caffeinated beverages, while allowing us that small bit of creative freedom and expression that can all too often get lost in a corporate setting.

Creativity and freedom of expression can only be so pronounced with a traditional mug, however. You may have, say, an image of a dinosaur on your coveted mug while a coworker has an inspiring quote, yet that’s about as crazy as things will get.

These Build-On Brick Mugs, however, take creativity and expressiveness to an entirely different level, and they happen to be on sale for 50% off their regular price at just $19.99.

Made entirely from food-grade, BPA-free plastic and fully compatible with traditional LEGO® blocks, these super-cool mugs send two messages to your coworkers: “I’m creative” and “I’m awesome.”

These mugs are designed with the classic peg-and-hole surface, which allows you to build practically anything your heart desires using toy construction bricks. You can craft a traditional mug to hold your beverage, or go completely rogue and create a mug-like monster that may or may not contain liquid. The choice is yours.

Add some much-needed spark to your daily routine with a Build-On Brick Mug for just $19.99—50% off the regular price.

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Watch the video: Comzendles Build-on Brick Mug! (May 2021).