Redditor Shows, Step-by-Step, How He Built an Amazing Pond in His Backyard

When you are a homeowner with your own, private backyard, your mind runs with ideas and ways to turn that blank canvas into something special. What would you create? Maybe you want to "keep up with the Joneses?" Or, do you want a pool? Maybe you want a pond? Well, today you are in luck. You are going to learn how to do all three.

Let's Create a Pond

When done right, a backyard freshwater pond/pool can be breathtaking, and the perfect place to dip your feet and relax after a long day of work or on a steamy summer day. So where should you begin?

Pick a Location

Location. Location. Like many things in this life, the success of an event is purely dependent on the location. The same can be said for your pond. You want to install your pond on a level, well-drained area with plenty of direct sunlight. The pond cannot be over any underground pipes, cables, sewer lines or septic tanks. It is also good to have a backup spot just in case things do not work for your current spot.

Plan Out Your Pond

Using this information, plan out your spot. Do not be afraid to use pond kits. They can be extremely helpful when building your first pond.

Right before you start digging your pond, you need to determine how deep your pool will go. Deciding if it will have plants or animals will determine the depth of the pond. For example, if you are expecting your pond to have fish, it needs to be deep enough for the fish to hibernate.

Start Digging

After you are sure about where to dig, start digging.

Though, a few friends and family helping you dig up your backyard like you are looking for some long lost treasure could be fun, get a bulldozer for excavation if you can.

While digging, shaping your pond will be crucial to your success. Edging your pond correctly can ensure your pond will last.

Begin making the necessary preparations for your fountain/waterfall and the water filtration system. Adding the right amount of circulation can help keep your water oxygenated. By circulation water, you also keep algae far away from your lovely pond and prevent mosquitos from laying eggs.

Your Final Steps

Next, you should apply the shell liners, felt and plastic foils. There is a rather large community of DIY ponders online.

After everything is set, begin inserting your rock lining. Do not do it all by yourself, get those family and friends to come over and help.

Promptly, you can begin pumping in your water. In this case, we, let the water overflow to create a natural pond look.

Now have fun, if you would like to add a patio around your pond, maybe add plants, fish, or even lights to fit your needs.

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