This Composite Wooden Material Behaves Just Like Fabric

In recent years, the art and architecture industry has been quick to embrace innovative technologies allowing the dive into new creative processes, concepts, and materials. This modern era has allowed for an even more captivating new way to create. Meet Woodskin.

Though this earthy wood looking object may look like hardened, polished wood, the material has the same flexibility as the softest fabric. The malleable material would have both a decorative and functional, perfect for creating tailor-made surfaces. You would be able to design any object to fit the needs of your house, apartment or office building.

"Woodskin is a composite material, developed and patented by our design firm. This highly flexible surface – a sandwich wood and high-performance mesh – was created by process of excavation with a CNC cutting machine," says the MammaFotogramma team. "By dividing the rigid plan of wood into a small triangle, the material is freed – able to be shaped as the maker desires.” The team believes that "real innovations sit at the intersection of composite materials and digital fabrication where technology becomes the enabling factor for new building methods and aesthetics."

This exciting new material was manufactured in Milan. Wood-Skin was founded in 2013 to "architects and designer all around the world bridging the gap between digital representation and the building environment".

The patented technology allows designers to bring everyday materials into the third dimension and the digital era. The team behind Wood-Skin is "comprised of architects, designer, and engineers with a strong passion for details and materials, digital fabrication, and software."

Some of the products created with Wood-Skin include Fold Panels, Mesh Sheet, Quiet Bits, and Tailor Made Surfaces.

Even more interesting all Wood-Skin products have "high" acoustic performances. The materials are perfect when need to have a large room and need sound diffusion to spread sonics equally across the room. On the contrary, if you are looking to sound-proof your abode, the Wood-Skin products can "be implemented with sound absorbing materials like felt or cork in order to reduce echo and design a pleasant and beautiful environment."

If you are interested to see the Woodskin in action, they use there bespoke product in major retail places and offices around the world. With the aim to bring your ideas into reality, the material is so moddable it allows for the creation of complex shapes to fit the size or shape of any space.

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