15 Best "Not My Job!" Images on the Internet

Sometimes when you're at work, you come across an obstacle and think to yourself: "I do not get paid enough for this." Sure, you could call your supervisor. Or you could just cut a corner, and declare boldly and rightfully, "That's not my job!" Some of the following will beggar belief. Others will amuse you. Most will, quite frankly, destroy your faith in humanity.

The following list is in no particular order but from our point of view all worthy finalists.

1. Road marking-er not branch-mover

Obviously, the task of moving falling branches wasn't in this guys job description. Who knows, perhaps they were running against the clock on this one? Maybe it was the last job on a Friday?

The branch could also be much larger than it looks. Whatever the reality of the situation we applaud this chap for having the gall.

2. What came first?

Who was responsible for this mess-up? Normally this question should have an obvious answer but on this occasion, we can't be entirely sure. The guy who installed the fence, or the guy that installed the path?

Since the jury is out on this one both contractors will probably need to share the blame for this one. How does this happen? We are speechless, but fair play.

3. Oven-themed patio doors

It is difficult to say whether this one is by design or not. Perhaps the house owners are professional cooks by trade? Or is it the house that's the wrong way up? Whatever the case we are impressed by the sheer scale of fail demonstrated here.

But we do like the addition of a pet-sized patio door in the bottom right-hand corner. Nice touch. Did anyone actually sign off on this? Perhaps it's a practical joke? Yes, that can be the only explanation.

4. Revolutionary porch-ladder

Why haven't Architect realized the potential of porch-ladders before? This chap is way ahead of his time. What is more tantalizing is just how far the ladder goes underground. Or perhaps it's just another case of "not my job" genius.

But seriously how on Earth does this happen? Given the level of "not my job" mentality seen thus far this one really takes the biscuit. Surely this made the carpenters job a lot harder? Just move the ladder?

5. DIY salt and pepper cellars

With so many labor-saving devices around its hard to choose between them at times. The staff at this restaurant decided to combine the convenience of pre-packed salt and pepper with the style of table cellars. The result is one of the ultimate examples of "not my job" mentality. A true masterpiece in fact.

The person who pointed this one out to the world proudly assures us that the waiter confirmed it wasn't part of their job. Good effort.

6. Entangled toilet block

These toilets exist in a constant state of flux. Simultaneously male and female at the same time until, that is, one is 'observed'. An absolute revolution in toilet design we must admit. Combing cutting-edge physics with one the oldest and most basic of human needs. We salute the contractors on this one.

Or of course, it is another masterful example of "not my job" mentality at work. Frankly, this one is our favorite. Has nobody else noticed? Very peculiar indeed.

7. Who's to blame?

The disaster begins with a sequence of events, so it is said. Although at the end of this one won't kill anyone it will annoy those of us with OCD. The sequence of events can be reconstructed pretty easily, but is the current state actually more correct?

Perhaps the service cover lids were wrongly installed before the tactile paving? OK, we are trying too hard to make excuses for these guys now. This one shows pure disregard for order. We salute you.

8. Upside down buses

There is nothing more frustrating than people who build buses the wrong way around a perfectly installed button. Here is a perfect example. This workman diligently and masterfully completed their phase of the assembly only to be undermined with the rest of the team building the bus the wrong way up.

Or, of course, this is just another fine example of "not my job" syndrome. It still works right so who cares? Damn you, sir, damn you!

9. Privacy is a matter of opinion

We wonder if this one is the interior of the entangled toilet block above. When do you need privacy the most in the toilet after all? When sat on a regular toilet or using the urinal? The latter surely? At least that's what these contractors appear to have thought when leaving this site for the day.

But, as we mentioned before, could it be that the cubicle came first? Looks like another joint-award winner situation. Seriously how does this stuff happen? We are slowly losing our faith in humanity.

10. I am not touching that!

This is probably the most relatable on this list. Nobody really likes picking up dog poo. You are even less likely to what to do that for another person's dog. We can, therefore, almost give this chap a pass for this one.

Almost. But it is incredibly amusing. Again was nobody supervising this job? We despair we really do.

11. Puppy run

I see what happened here: this puppy run is actually a one-meter sprint! Go for the gold little guy.

12. Who put that there?

The cement-layer that paved this sidewalk probably asked the inspector what to do about the tree at least once. Probably.

13. Different definitions of "accessible"

Not only is this door totally inaccessible to wheelchairs, but without a door handle, I don't think anyone is getting in there.

14. Technically still usable

If you're feeling adventurous, you can still put your bike on this bike rack. But be careful: it's hard to bike in the water.

15. Just missed the mark...

This is another case where someone probably noticed the problem and brought it up to their superiors only to be told to do it exactly the way the plan says. Alright! I'll do it! But you're going to feel foolish later...

How do these things happen? Which one of these mess-ups is the most absurd? We are torn between the entangled toilet and the oven-door patio doors. The high proportion of road marking related entries should probably not come as a surprise either.

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