10 of the Strangest, Yet Most Amazing Phone Cases

Like novelty phone cases? Want to see some of the strangest yet most amazing phone cases out there? Then welcome, my friend. A word of warning. Some of the following are somewhat disturbing on reflection so try not to think too deeply about them.

1. Bacon case

We'll kick our list of strange yet amazing phone cases with this beauty. This realistic cooked bacon strips case is frankly amazing.

You can almost smell the sizzling-bacony-goodness just by casting your eyes on it. It looks so real, in fact, you might be tempted to try and take a huge bite out of it! Don't though, you'll be disappointed.

2. Fried Chicken

Hot on the heels of the bacon case is this amazing phone case. If bacon isn't your thing, what about fried chicken? When we first saw it we thought it was just an ultra-real 2D image. No, it's 3D. It even looks like a real fried chicken drumstick piece. Once again this might get confusing after a long out on the town.

The fake chicken piece is affixed to a sturdy plastic phone case covering that is pretty sturdy on its own, by all accounts.

3. Sassy Cat

Anyone who's owned a cat will attest to their ... attitude, to put it diplomatically. If they had human-like hands they'd surely strike this pose as often as they could. Thankfully they don't and this case will let observers know just how many effs you don't give.

By all accounts, this case is easy to put on and take off and easily fits in your back pocket, unlike the fried chicken one. And it comes in various colors.

4. Seafood dish cases

Ok, we are starting to notice a theme here. What is with the food-related phone cases? This time around we have a selection of seafood-themed phone cases. You can choose between seafood rice and a grilled fish case. Hey, why not?

Like other food-related phone cases, these two are 3D and almost look like the real thing. Given the substantial amount of plastic on the case, you can be sure your phone is well protected. We guess that's something at least.

5. Yellow duck case

Here's another example of the some of the best amazing phone cases. This one actually provides a useful function for your smartphone. Well, two actually. The beak can be used as a phone stand so you can watch cat videos. The feet can also be used as a headphone-tidy.

According to one consumer "It is ridiculous the amount of compliments I have received since I bought this cover. It is utterly adorable, practical, highly functional, and I love the rubber texture!” OK!

6. Ear case

Here's a great one for all those law-abiding drivers. Of course, you would never use your phone whilst driving but for those of you who like to be prepared in case of emergency, there is an ear-shaped phone case.

Though you might also get some odd looks and comments when whipping this one out in public.

7. Leopard head case

For those who like their phone cases, borderline kitsch is this fantastic example. You might have started to notice that a lot of the entries on our list have a 3-dimensional element to them. We think you'll agree that this is for a good reason. If you're going to push the boundaries of acceptable accessories in society you might as well make them as big as possible. Win, win.

These 'leopard' cases come complete with emerald colored eyes just in case they weren't 'impressive' enough. Potential consumers get to choose between black and pink options. Lucky you.

8. Isopod case

This entry on our list of amazing phone cases is somewhat in the eye of the beholder. Who wouldn't want to attach a giant isopod to their face when talking to their friends and family? To some, this might seem a little creepy, to other the greatest phone case of all time. We'll let you decide.

Either way, we are somewhat dismayed as to the actual practicality of this one. Look at it, it's absolutely enormous! This isn't going to fit in your pocket anytime soon.

9. Nose phone case

This one could, perhaps, be considered a piece or phone case art. Or, of course, a joke. Either way its one of the strangest yet most amazing phone cases out there. Who in their right mind wouldn't want a phone case with silicon nose on the back to stick your finger into?

The nostrils can double up as holders for your earphones too. Handy. This phone case is bound to at least be a conversation starter. Or, of course, could be the beginning of your isolation from society.

10. The Rhinestone

And last but by no means least on our list of ironically amazing phone cases is the Rhinestone. This 'luxury' phone case flies in the face of 'less is more'. It faithfully subscribes to the ethos of covering things in jewels makes anything amazing.

So there you go 10 of the strangest yet most amazing phone cases out there. Many of these are so bad they are amazing. Any of them take your fancy? Let us know in the comments below.

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