The Hyperchiller Cools Hot Coffee Up To 130º In One Minute

When making iced coffee at home, you're only presented with a few options, and they're not that great. You can brew your cup of Joe and add some ice, but your drink will inevitably become watered down, making for a not-so-refreshing experience. Alternatively, you can make a strong cup of cold brew — if you have the time and patience to wait all day for it to brew.

The Hyperchiller Coffee Chiller presents a third option that delivers both taste and convenience, and you can get two of them on sale for $45.

Whereas the traditional ice method waters down your coffee, the Hyperchiller's patent pending multi-chamber design keeps the coffee and ice separated with two layers of food grade stainless steel, ensuring the coffee cools, but doesn't get full of water. This design also maximizes surface area between the coffee and ice chamber, allowing the Hyperchiller to chill your coffee by up to 130º in one minute.

The Hyperchiller is compatible with all brewing methods and is designed to fit directly into most full-size single cup brewers. Plus, the device boasts an impressive 12.5 fluid ounce capacity, perfect for those who want a tall glass of iced coffee.

Fast to chill and immensely easy to use, the Hyperchiller Coffee Chiller is a solid pick for anyone looking to enjoy their iced coffee on short notice.

Now, a two-pack of Hyperchiller Coffee Chillers would normally retail for $60, but for a limited time, you can get them on sale for $45 when you purchase today, saving 25 percent off the usual retail price.

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Watch the video: HyperChiller Demonstration on the Today Show (May 2021).