These Amazing Designs are the Future of Cars According to 11-Year-Olds

The UK is set to ban the sale of fossil fuel burning cars in 2040. This massive step forward in an electric future spurred a Wales-based car insurance comparison company to think about the vehicles of the future. What kinds of cars will they be insuring in 20 years time? When pondering such a question who would be the best source of information? Tesla? Toyota? No, the company, Go Compare, turned to the real experts in forward-thinking: a group of 11-year-olds.

The company asked the group to imagine what cars they would like to be driving when they hit the road. Each participant was asked to imagine what they thought the future of cars might look like, then worked with a professional illustrator to bring their vision to life. The results are absolutely amazing.

Autonomous driving a standard feature

"There are lots of cute, fluffy, and robot-based designs,” said Andrew Campion, a spokesperson for Go Compare, “however there are also lots of eco-friendly designs and features which is interesting. In terms of alternative fuel sources, the children suggested everything from hydroelectricity, solar power and even (perhaps expectedly) chocolate!” The cars imagined by the children have all sorts of weird and wonderful technologies embedded in them like the ability to shoot lasers, fly and transform into robots. All the cars run on electricity and most of them are based in a world where actually driving is a thing of the past. In the world of these future drivers, the autonomous driving mode is not an optional extra. The designers seem to be inspired by a combination of reality, films, video games and lots of wild imagination.

Foldable wheels and rainbow houses

There is a range of amazing vehicles on show at the company's website including the Beast Racer 210 from artist Harrintha, 11. The wild looking vehicle has wings for flying and an anchor in the tail, it also glows in the dark and is heat-proof.

Kyre, 11, designed a sporty looking car with foldable wheels that also double as propellers, perfect for the city and the sea.

Paula, 11, left behind the idea of being on the road behind altogether opting for a two-floor hover car, while 12-year-old Charlotte’s Rainbow Convertible 3000 is not only a way to move around, her colorful contraption is also a place for its owner to live.

Kids beat CES hands down

We have just finished another year of huge announcements from carmakers at CES and the Detroit car show. Every year automakers use these big events to launch concept cars and new technologies giving us a glimpse into what the future of driving might be like. If this year is anything to go by, our cars will be covered in LEDs, be totally autonomous and might even be covered in shapeshifting plastic. While we did see some very impressive things, nothing comes close to the playfulness and joy-filled creations of these young thinkers.

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