Lull Yourself to Sleep with These Innovative Earbuds

Countless inconveniences go hand-in-hand with travel. Sketchy WiFi connections, questionable food, and delayed flights all come painfully to mind, along with the disruption of being away from your home and usual routine. None of these problems, however, are either as bad or as ubiquitous for the constant traveler than not getting enough sleep—a frustratingly common issue when you’re away from home.

These ATECH Sleeping Buds were designed with this very problem in mind. Not only do these buds comfortably remain in your ears while you sleep, but they also let you listen to your favorite nighttime playlist as you doze off. And right now you can pick up a pair of these sleep-enhancing buds for 40% off their usual price at just $11.99.

Although built primarily for constant travelers who have to endure a range of unexpected evening noises before bed, these buds can, of course, be efficiently used by the occasional traveler or anyone who merely wants to get a better night’s sleep at home.

Unlike most earbuds, which either become increasingly uncomfortable over long periods of time or fall out when you lie on your pillow, the ATECH Sleeping Buds were explicitly designed to remain comfortably in your ears throughout the night—thanks to a super-soft and flexible silicon body that’s designed to fit all ear types.

There’s a long, thin wire with a tangle-free design to ensure that you’ll stay connected to whatever your phone or audio device is playing throughout the night, and a built-in microphone even lets you receive calls (in case you want to take care of some urgent business after a successful night’s sleep).

Block out unwanted noise as you fall comfortably to sleep with the ATECH Sleeping Buds—on sale for just $11.99.

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