Commemorate Life's Best Memories with These Personalized Maps of the Stars

There are countless ways to commemorate special events and moments in life. Among the tried and true classics are trophies, flowers, and cards—or perhaps even a customized, commemorative t-shirt if you’re feeling particularly fancy.

But all of these options pale in comparison to the Strellas Personalized Star Map, which brilliantly recreates the exact locations of the stars in the night sky on a previous date of your choosing. And right now an 18x24 personalized map is available for 30% off at $38.

Ideal for the astronomy-inclined but just as cool for anyone who appreciates all things awesome, this map is custom built to depict the exact map of the night sky from any date and location that you provide—thanks to the NASA Astronomical Data Center's massive star catalog that’s been tracing star movements for years.

Special algorithms are used to recreate not only the location of the stars on the date in question but also the precise angle at which they existed directly over your head regardless of where you were located on the globe.

Whether you’re celebrating the first date, the birth of a new family member, or just want to surprise a close friend on his or her birthday, it would be difficult to find a more special and unique way to make an event or moment last forever.

You’ll even be able to further customize your map by adding quotes or song lyrics, and by selecting special color styles before receiving your map as either a printed poster or an HD digital file. Each physical map is printed on heavy-weight, professional-grade matte paper, and the digital files can be transformed into practically any medium you like.

Commemorate any event in astronomically cool style with a Strellas Personalized Star Map for just $38—30% off its usual price.

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