You Can Get Certified in Hadoop with This Big Data Bundle

Big Data has been the driving force behind virtually every major digital innovation in the past decade. From Facebook feeds and Google algorithms to self-driving cars and Netflix recommendations, the gathering and analysis of massive sets of complex data is what keeps the tech world turning.

This means that those who are well-versed in both the theoretical aspects and more real-world applications of Big Data have a significant leg up on the competition when it comes to landing a lucrative career in tech, and the Big Data Hadoop Spark & Administrator Master Bundle will give you the skills and certifications you need to be competitive in the field.

Big Data isn’t as scary as it sounds, and this bundle prides itself on breaking down seemingly complex topics into easy-to-follow modules that rely on hands-on examples.

Your training revolves primarily around Hadoop—a set of open-source programs and procedures that act as the main backbone of virtually all Big Data operations.

After a sweeping introduction to the overarching themes and applications of Big Data, you’ll start to dig more into the nuts and bolts of what actually makes this technology so important.

You’ll learn how to gather and analyze massive sets of data, how to chart simple graphs that can be used to communicate your findings to clients, how to manipulate a variety of computational frameworks, how to build data libraries that can predict future consumer trends, and much more.

Each module also prepares you for a specific Big Data certification that you can use to edge out the competition when you start applying for jobs.

Don’t get left behind during the Big Data revolution. The Big Data Hadoop Spark & Administrator Master Bundle will give you the skills you need to land a high-paying career in the field, and it’s available for $79—over 95% off its usual price.

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