This All-In-One Survival Set Will See You Through Any Emergency

You don’t need to be in the Special Forces in order to appreciate the importance of a good survival kit. Whether you’re an avid adventurer who spends every weekend scaling perilous mountains and trekking through the wilderness or just a simple outdoor enthusiast who likes to take your family on the occasional camping trip, having a reliable survival tool set is of the utmost importance.

The OGT Ultimate Survival Set combines a multi-functional and supremely powerful axe with a survival companion that comes packed with twenty-two unique functions, and the entire set is available for over 15% off at $42.50.

Survival axes are usually just that: simple tools that can be used to chop wood or perhaps cut through a tangled rope. This axe, however, comes loaded with a blade that can be endlessly sharpened, a wrench, a saw, and much more.

There’s also a hammerhead and claw, a patented 6" bi-metal saw blade that folds out of the handle and locks into place, and a gas valve shut off wrench with an integrated bottle opener. The axe even comes with a protective nylon sheath, so you can keep your axe safely stored when it's not in use.

Meanwhile, the Survival Companion tool is packed with twenty-two life-saving features—including a tungsten carbide 'v' sharpener to maintain the blade on a knife or axe, magnesium and ferrocerium rods that can be used to start a flame even during adverse weather, an emergency whistle that can belt out a tone at 100 decibels, a mirrored reflector for emergency signaling, a built-in compass and thermometer, and more.

Despite the almost limitless functionality of these two tools, the entire set is compact and lightweight enough to take with you on any excursion, without having to worry about it weighing you down or taking up too much room in your pack.

Make sure you’re prepared for whatever life may throw at you with the OGT Ultimate Survival Set for just $42.50—over 15% off.

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