11 Times Curious YouTubers Took a Tesla Apart

It is quite common to find people obsessed with all things Tesla. From scrambling to get a closer look at the upcoming Roadster to rushing to buy all new merchandise, it seems everything the firm does is a hit.

So it is no surprise to see that people would take their Tesla love as far as to wonder what is inside their beloved vehicles.

We share with you eleven times YouTubers took Teslas apart, from their batteries to their tires, on the quest to find out everything that makes these vehicles such marvels of innovation.

1. The battery rack thrown off a roof

The father and son duo behind the YouTube series What's inside? Dan and Lincoln decided to explore what lies inside a Tesla battery rack. But how do you break open such a powerful protective pack?

Well, this team came up with one inventive solution: throw it off a roof! The video only gets better from there as the clip's hosts do everything from shoot a metal-tipped arrow to use a scary looking hatchet to really delve inside this poor battery component.

2. The tire sawed open

Brought to you by the same intrepid duo behind the battery pack video, this latest clip in the channel's series looks inside a Tesla tire! This video, however, is more than entertaining.

It was conceived after the YouTube stars encountered a mechanic too afraid to service Tesla tires. As such, Dan and Lincoln decided to use their clip to also teach viewers how to fix these parts.

The video also shows how surprisingly sturdy Tesla tires are as attempting to pierce theirs with a knife has no effect. Only an angle grinder succeeds in cutting it open, revealing the reason why these special tires are so pleasantly quiet.

3. The mechanic who puts them back together

Yes, we know this is a list about tearing Teslas apart. However, we absolutely had to include this YouTuber who takes it one step further and rebuilds them into something new and maybe even better?

Rich Benoit is the host of Rich Rebuilds, a channel popular among Tesla lovers due to his Model S and X restoration demonstrations. In this particular video, Benoit creates a novel battery trailer out of Tesla discarded battery packs.

To do this, he cuts the old packs in half and removes the modules he needs. This creative mechanic is tearing Teslas apart with a purpose: to give them new life.

4. The motor that had been drowned

Benoit is back on our list because we just could not ignore this video where he took apart a Tesla that had been submerged under water for 10 days. In this clip, the Tesla enthusiast decided to check if the vehicle's motor could withstand such long exposure to water.

"Are Tesla motors waterproof? I am going to show you how to drop the motor and open it up to see the insides," says Benoit. We are watching!

5. The growling drive motor

Mechanic and electric car specialist Jack Rickard was hired to fix a "growling" Tesla drive motor. However, he decided to take the opportunity to also see what lay inside this powerful component.

"Like a little kid, I wanted to see the pieces," says Rickard. Lucky for us, he shares his experience with his viewers while also, in the end, solving the issue. Now, this car can hit the road Jack!

6. The cool operator

YouTuber Ingineerix has a series of videos where he takes a look at some of Tesla's less-discussed yet equally important parts such as the car's cooling system. Although you never see this host tear the vehicle apart for its pieces, you do get his detailed analysis of the components.

For those doubting whether he actually takes out these pieces himself, you may want to watch this clip where he worries about having broken a removed drive unit. Rest assured, he did not.

7. The motor controller hack

This YouTuber's goal was not to look inside a Tesla but rather to hack into its motor and replace its controller. The fun experiment not only results in increased speed, it gives us an inside look of this Model S part and the complex mechanisms that power it.

8. The conversion masters

This interview with electric vehicle conversion specialists at EV West features the transformation of a Tesla into a new electric car concoction. The clip is rather long, over half an hour, and a little blurry but it does give us a close up look at several Tesla parts picked by the mechanics to be repurposed.

9. The one straight from the horse's mouth

OK, so we cheated a little on this one. This video's host does not take the car apart, as Tesla's Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, Peter Rawlinson has direct access to a Model S as it is being built.

Still, it is the best YouTube video out there for truly seeing and understanding the inside of a Tesla. It helps, of course, that the explanations come straight from the horse's mouth.

10. The lithium-ion battery dissection

We have seen inside battery packs, but what about the batteries themselves? Well, YouTuber ARIES RC decided to "dissect" a single Tesla lithium-ion battery while outlining to his audience its most basic components and their functions.

The host was not kidding when he referred to his experiment as a dissection. We have not seen this much detailed explanations about a system's elements since we were forced to look inside frogs in biology class. ARIES RC also introduces some physics into his clip explaining how the battery is built to improve energy density ratios.

11. The key investigation

This is the third time we mention the What's Inside? show in our list but with a name like that what else can you expect? In this episode, the curious duo tear apart a Tesla key because, after all, keys are key Tesla parts. Pun intended!

We would also be remiss if we did not tell you that these YouTube stars have previously taken a look inside a Tesla steering wheel, a video not included in our list. May we suggest headlights next?

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