15+ Best Cars From Paris Motor Show that We Can't Wait to Drive

It's showtime for many automobile manufacturers at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. With the Mondial de l'Auto being one of the biggest and oldest car shows in the world, this year will see some interesting unveilings, like most years. Although the main event runs between the 4th and 14th of October, members of the press were treated to a 'taster' of what's to come between the 2nd and 3rd of October.

Below are some of the best looking, most unique and interesting cars at this year's show. It mainly focuses on EVs but we've included some not-to-be-missed entries.

This list is in no particular order and is not exhaustive.

1. BMW 3-series (7th Gen) Sedan

BMW's new 7th Generation 3-Series Sedan is widely considered to be one of the highlights of the 2018 Paris Motor Show. BMW has completely remodeled the car making it larger but lighter.

It includes a new 'interpretation' of their double-barrel lamps with two L-shaped LED DRLs. The 3-Series' iconic kidney grill has a fresh new look and is more upright and prominent than previous incarnations.

The interior has also been remodeled with a more angular look, new instrument cluster and infotainment system now come with a voice-assisted, AI-enabled system like Mercedes' MBUX interface.

2. Audi e-tron Electric SUV

Audi's e-tron is one of the most hotly anticipated cars at Paris Motor Show 2018. The e-tron is an all-electric SUV and Audi's first of its kind.

The new e-tron is good looking on the outside and inside and comes with nice little finishes like LED taillights and Audi's patented Singleframe grille.

It's billed as having a range of around 250 miles (400 km) in WLTP testing coming close to that set by Jaguar i-Pace. According to Audi, the e-Tron has:-

"ample space for everyday life, long-range capability and exhilarating performance with quattro® all-wheel drive, this is way more than an electric car. This is electric done the Audi way."

3. Citroen DS 3 Crossback

Citroen is showcasing their new DS 3 Crossback at Paris Motor Show 2018. This is their bespoke SUV and is intended to replace their existing DS3 hatchback which has been a winner for Citreon of late.

The car's external design might not be to everyone's taste, but rest assured, underneath it all is a next-generation PSA.

A full EV model has also been revealed alongside standard versions, although there is no word yet on a hot Performance variant.

4. Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2

Ferrari will be showing their hotly awaited Monza SP1 and SP2 at Paris Motor Show this year.

Though they were first seen at the Capitals Markets Day in Maranello in September.

Not only that but their pricing has finally been announced at a cool 1.6 million Euros a piece (including Italian VAT - which is nice). That's about £1.6 Million ($2.08 Million) without the VAT.

They will be limited edition, obviously, with around 499 to be built. These will be split between single seat SP1s and dual-seat SP2s.

5. Infiniti Project Black S

Infiniti will be showcasing their Project Black S this year. Project Black S is a Q60 coupe said to benefit from F-1 inspired hybrid powertrain.

This super-hot saloon was first seen at the Geneva Motor Show in 2017. It boasts both MGU-H and MGU-K modules for recuperating and reusing energy.

"The Project Black S prototype is a test-bed for new ideas and technologies, demonstrating how our Alliance partnerships could make our ambitious visions a reality," says Infiniti's President Roland Kreugar.

6. KIA Niro EV

KIA's Niro EV first debuted at CES 2018 but will make an appearance at Paris 2018. According to KIA the Niro EV "blurs the line between car and driver. With integrated technology that both excites and responds to your senses, it turns the driving experience into a more human experience."

It comes with 5G connectivity and has an all-electric range of 238 miles (381 km). It's not going to be the prettiest car at the show but it certainly makes up for that with features.

7. Mercedes A-Class Sedan

Mercedes will be showcasing their new A-Class Sedan this year at Paris Motor Show. According to

"The Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan is now the most aerodynamic production car in the world, with a Coefficient drag (Cd) value of 0.22. It takes over the title from the CLA-Class. The styling on the A-Class Sedan takes a lot of inspiration from the bigger new CLS-Class."

Not only that but it looks the business. This will certainly be one of the stars of the show.

8. Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow concept

Mercedes-Benz will also be showing off their blisteringly hot new EQ Silver Arrow Concept Car this year. It was recently debuted at Pebble Beach this year.

Its unique design is a call-back to their 1937 W125 featuring a sleek long swooping design. The W125's brushed and unpainted aluminum fuselage has been recreated using an ultra-light carbon-fiber structure and it looks great.

It is a single seater with massive front and rear wheels, plush interior and, wait for it, a 70 kWh battery-powered all-electric motor. Mercedes claims it has a range of 400 km and comes with Mercedes-AMG V8 sounds if you don't like its regular silent running.

9. Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 SUV

Paris Motor Show 2018 will also see the Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 SUV. The EQC is powered by twin electric motors on each axle that provide the SUV with all-wheel drive.

These motors are not identical, however. One set is geared towards efficiency with the other spirited driving. Power to them is provided by 80 kWh battery with a charge time of 40 minutes (10-80%).

The launch variant, the EQC 400, will get from 0 to 100 in 5.1s and onto a top speed of 180 kph. Mercedes claims a range of 320 km for the EQC.

10. Smart Forease Concept Car

Smart will be showing off one of the more unusual cars at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. The new Forease Concept that is inspired by the less than disappointing 2001 Crossblade.

It is based on the Smart EQ ForTwo Cabrio, but its design is something out of a sci-fi film. The steering wheel is very unconventional as well as some other interesting internal features.

Although it won't be the most exciting car to drive, its design will certainly turn some heads.

11. Peugeot E-Legend Concept

Peugeot is going to show off their new E-Legend Concept this year at Paris Motor Show. It is an autonomous electric car but with a twist - it’s a great looking Coupe. Powered by 100 kWh batteries they claim it'll put out 456hp and has a range of 370 miles (592 km).

Unlike other all-electric cars, it features a refreshingly retro vision of future transport. Its design draws upon their 50-year-old 504 Coupe with a pinch of muscle car design.

According to the car's designer, Matthias Houssan:-

"We tried to keep some realism – the size of the wheels, the size of the glasshouse, which is not small like some concept cars, which are like caricatures. The fact that we managed to keep the car in a realistic scale is my favorite part."

12. Renault EZ-Ultimo Concept

Renault will unveil their EZ-Ultimo this year at Paris Motor Show. This is an electric autonomous Robo-Taxi that looks the business.

With a design out of this world, this 'taxi' is an app-booked Level 4 autonomous limo with a very plush interior indeed. The EZ-Ultimo is part of Renault's mission to make robotic taxi's a reality by 2022.

In an apparent rebellion to the vision of robotic cars of the future, like Total Recall, the designer (Laurens van den Acker) has gone all out to smash this idea.

13. Seat Tarraco

The Seat Tarraco (an ancient name for Tarragona) will be making its world debut at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. Ostensibly similar to the Skoda Kodiaq and VW Tiguan with a 208 bhp plug-in hybrid powertrain.

It will come in a couple of variants. The first, a 1.5 liter, 148 bhp petrol engine, six-speed manual gearbox with the 2.0-liter variant sporting 188 bhp, Haldex all-wheel drive, and a seven-speed DSG.

There will also be diesel variants and it should be on the market by the end of 2018.

14. Skoda Vision RS Concept

Skoda will be showing off their replacement for the Rapid in 2019, the Vision RS. The Vision RS Concept has a hybrid powertrain with a nice futuristic design making it one of ten new plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles planned for release before 2025.

The powertrain is likely going to be similar to the current VW Golf GTE and Audi A3 e-tron – a 1.5-litre petrol engine and electric motor working together to produce 242bhp.

It has one interesting feature - a light-up badge and grille with Skoda lettering on the boot/trunk.

15. Suzuki Jimny off-roader

The Suzuki Jimny off-roader is set to be one of the toughest small SUVs on the market, very soon. Built tough with a simple style it's not the best-looking car at the show but one that 'does what it says on the tin'.

UK sales are due to begin in January 2019, with prices here tipped to inch up from today's £12,000 ($15.6 K). It's a popular model in Great Britain, where dealers sell around 1100 a year to all loyal Suzuki fans.

16. Toyota Camry is a new look on an old classic

The Toyota Camry is back with a facelift and is set to take the stage at Paris Motor Show 2018. Filling the gap left by the Avensis, the new Camry is another good-looking hybrid.

This will make it the eighth 'self-charging' hybrid Toyota has brought out. It's planning to come to the European market in 2019 but no prices or specs have yet been revealed.

17. Renault's EZ-Pro Robo-vehicle is on show

This year Renault will also be showing off their new futuristic EZ-Pro robo-vehicle. The EZ-Pro is an autonomous delivery concept that features shared customizable robo-pods.

According to Renault EX-Pro is "an autonomous, electric, connected and shared robo-pod concept, for the future of agile, last-mile delivery solutions for every type of professional. "

Renault has been making light commercial vehicles (LCV's) for many years and is the European Market Leader in this field. This puts them in a prime position to lead the charge in the creation of all-electric robo-delivery vehicles of the future.

As exciting as this is for Paris Motor Show visitors it is not the first time we've seen the concept. Its world premiere was at the Hannover Motor Show earlier this year in September.

These vehicles will have field-based human concierges for special deliveries as will a robo-vehicle management. Renault intends for their EZ-Pro's to be highly modular to meet the many varying needs of delivery companies, logistic operators, retailers and, of course, consumers.

Vehicles like EZ-Pro should enable consumers to have maximum flexibility and convenience with delivery. They will be able to demand where, when and how they intend to receive their orders.

Concepts like EZ-Pro will dramatically reduce congestion and pollutions in the smart cities of the future.

18. The life-sized drivable Lego Bugatti will be there

Nothing is better than Lego. Except perhaps life-sized drivable cars made from Lego.

That's exactly what visitors to the Paris 2018 Motor Show are going to be treated to this year. The life-sized Lego Bugatti, that took over 1 million Lego pieces to assemble, will certainly be one of the stars of the show.

This Lego model is a full-scale Lego Technic build of a Bugatti Chiron and it's truly impressive. It does include a lot of enhanced pieces from their regular kits given the scale and nature of the model.

The team behind the build wanted to also integrate Lego's Power Functions motor technology into the design.

The Lego Bugatti took around 13,438 man hours with the final weigh-in being 1,500 kg. No glue was used in the construction whatsoever.

The Lego engine specs are:

- It boasts an estimated torque of 92 Nm and 5.3 HP theoretical performance.

- 2304 Lego Power Function motors went into the car.

- It uses over 4,000 gear wheels and over 2,000 cross axles from Lego.

- It features a functional rear spoiler and speedometer, all made from various Lego Technic elements.

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