Camping With a Luxurious Twist: Check Out These Renovated Vintage Trailers

Masters of vintage restoration and vintage renovation, the almost decade-old Flyte Camp team utilize their unique skills, perspective, and expertise to breathe new life into travel trailers.

For the uninitiated travel trailers, also known as campers or RVs (recreational vehicles) are a staple of American history, giving perspective adventurers the opportunity to go out into the wilderness and experience an alternative camping experience.

Renovated 1950 Travelez Camper

Flyte Camp Vision

Think of a camper as a small mobile home on wheels each with a varying degree of amenities, all with the same goal of offering individuals and families the freedom to travel anywhere on their own terms. Experts in their fields, the Flyte Camp power couple and owners, Justin and Anna Scribner use their passion for camping to help travel trailer enthusiasts preserve their zeal for camping.

Renovated 1953 Spartnatte

Though the idea of camping has existed for centuries, the idea of having a mobile travel trailer goes back to early 1910, as more people sought out mobility. From simply eyeing the portfolio of work for Flyte Camp, one can see the long history of campers and how the industry has slowly evolved over the past century.

The Renovated 1954 Anderson

As stated before, the Flyte Camp business centers around two major components, vintage restoration, and vintage renovations.

Restoration vs Renovation

Vintage Restorations of campers centers around taking an old travel trailer, in relatively mint condition and restoring it to the factory original. Similar to the way you might restore a classic car, the Flyte team uses their vast network to source materials and parts to bring travel trailers back from the dead.

Vintage Renovated 1950 West Coronado

Sometimes working with campers that go all the way back to 1928, Flyte Camp have helped countless aficionados and collectors across the world.

Nevertheless, the more commonly requested thing to do in the camper industry is to complete a vintage renovation of a trailer: the process of taking an original vintage coach and customizing both the interiors and exteriors to a customer's specific needs.

Flyte Camp uses their extensive knowledge to create travel trailers that not only still maintains that beloved vintage appeal but that also provides a modern twist.

Mobile Living Room

As stated above campers have a wide range of amenities and is usually only limited to one’s own imagination. Some campers are simple mobile living rooms with a small seating area and living space to entertain guests on the road.

The Very Rare 1955 Restored Spartan Manor

Some of the more luxurious travel trailers can host a series of amenities like leather couches, a bedroom, a mini kitchen or even a fully functioning bathroom.

Flyte Camp does this and more at their studio, taking advantage of the host of the modern materials available to their team. In one prime example of this, Flyte combined old with new in the Spartan Royal Mansion, a mid-sized 1950 travel home.

The 1950 Spartan Royal Mansion

While preserving its old charm, the team added luxurious amenities like surround sound, a wine fridge, and a new Lp system.

While in a more involved project the Flyte Camp team took the empty shell of a 1950’s Westcraft Coronado restored it to its former glory; complete with a nice wood finish, mini tv, and bed.

1950 Restored Westcraft Coronado

The Scribner Team

The Scribner family history of traveling dates all the back to the 1940’s, each of the members sharing fond memories of camping as children. Combining Justin’s trade of aircraft sheet metal and Anna’s eye for interior design the couple laid the foundation for what is now Flyte Camp.

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Craving more interesting renovations? Be sure to check out their youtube channel where you can watch the Flyte Camp vision come to life.