Colin O’Brady Journeys Across Antarctica Alone

You have to be crazy to even think about walking alone across Antarctica, right?

It's just kind of cold there, and that means you need just a few layers if you want to survive even a few moments ... let alone several days in the frozen tundra.

But Colin O'Brady, 33, was crazy enough to do the unthinkable. In a remarkable 54-day joruney, O'Brady became the first person to trek 930 miles across the continent without any assistance.

"32 hours and 30 minutes after leaving my last camp early Christmas morning, I covered the remaining ~80 miles in one continuous “Antarctica Ultramarathon” push to the finish line," O'Brady said on his Instagram page.

"As I pulled my sled over this invisible line, I accomplished my goal: to become the first person in history to traverse the continent of Antarctica coast to coast solo, unsupported and unaided."

O'Brady made sure he would make it to the finish line, accomplishing a goal no other person has done before.

But he wasn't the first person to make such an attempt. Britain's Henry Worsley died in 2016 while trying to make the same trip, but collapsed from exhaustion toward the end of the trek, according to USA Today.

How Did O'Brady Survive?

It's a question he's probably asking himself right about now.

O'Brady documented his entire trip on Instagram, including when he reached landmarks that barely any human beings have ever seen.

O'Brady might have been driven by a bit of competition, too. Louis Rudd, a friend of the late Worsley, was trying to become the first person to make the unassisted journey across Antarctica at the same time.

But Rudd has yet to finish the journey. And since O'Brady understands how wild of a feat it really is, he's not heading back to America until he sees Rudd.

“It’s a small club,” Jenna Besaw, O'Brady's wife, said. “His intention is to wait for Louis and have kind of a celebratory moment with the only other person on the planet to have accomplished this same thing.”

In order to survive, he had plenty of freeze-dried foods.

So, who will try to join O'Brady as the next person to journey across Antarctica?

Watch the video: Colin OBrady arrives Antarctica for 70 day trek (June 2021).